Thursday, September 20, 2007

What to release

So I've been thinking about what I really need to get done. I'm going to focus on what *I* really want in a site like this, and go from there.

While I'd like to get comment voting and sub-commenting, I think I'll wait on that for at least the beta, as it's going to take a fair amount of time to do that.

Probably the same for bury/spam reporting on both stories and commenting.

So on the site, that leaves the final look and feel (mostly the footer and header at this point, as the rest is ok).

The biggest piece beyond that is the loader. I WAS using the Digg RSS, but am going to move to the API (they give the direct link on that). Still need to clean up some of other feeds. And then there are categories.

I really want to get that in - without categories, it's going to be hard to find things. I mean, being able to filter by site is nice, but being able to do that AND cat's will be great. The problem is going to be normalizing them between site (and some of them won't have any cats at all, so will just have to go into some kind of generic bucket). It'll be interesting to see where I get with that :)

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