Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Site names, Loader... Done!

So B had a idea for the site name - NewzNozzl. Kinda funky, catchy.. I like it. So I've got it (newznozzl, newsnozzl, newznozzle, and newznoz). Already created, DNS pointing to the correct server, and a placeholder up. So I can go live at any time (well, have to set the DB up and move the site, etc.)

Made some VERY good progress tonight. I moved off of Racoom.Xml RDF reader (it kept getting in a infinite loop. What fun). And I'm using the Digg API. Category selection, authorname, and authorlink are working.

Just ran a clean load (@ around 12:05 AM EST), and it looks good.

I just need to hook cats cats up on the web site now - most of the plumbing for that is done. And then do the logo's and clean up work, then should be GTG.

I think the biggest hole I'm going to have is the comment system - while it will WORK, it's not great. Well, ok, it stinks.

I'm going to be using it for a few days myself (keep the loader running, then use the main site for my daily news), and see how it goes. If everything is good, I'll try to get a few friends on it. See how THAT goes, to figure out if I want to invest more time in.

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