Friday, September 14, 2007


My cat, Kotz, died this morning :(

She was 16 1/2 - I've essentially had her my entire adult life, so her loss is really tough. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer last Dec, so it's been a very stressful year. As she's so old, the Vet agreed to more focus on quality of life instead of trying to really treat the cancer. She DID give her some steriods, which shrunk the tumor, so she was been doing great, until a couple of weeks ago, when she started to show signs of liver failer. The vet thought it would still be a while, as was otherwise doing ok (eating well, active for her age, etc).

Still not sure what happened - she was doing fine until early morning, then just.. died. The vet thinks it might have been a heart attack. I'm not sure which was tougher for me - having to bring her in at some point to put her to sleep, or to watch her die over a hour period of time at home. While I have no doubt it was better for HER to be at home, watching her struggle like that is going to haunt me for a long time to come.

Anyway, way off topic for this blog, but wanted to say something. Going to be pretty... raw for a while, not sure how this is going to impact NewzNozzl - I figure I will either stop working on it for a while while I distract myself in some other way, or I'll work like a mad man on it in the evenings, using THAT as a distraction.

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