Saturday, September 22, 2007


Started late tonight, around midnight. Made some real progress on Categories. I have come up with a Generic MetaSites category list. I've mapped digg, slashdot, and propeller to those cats (The others don't have static categories).

And then I've got the main page using those cats, with the full interface in. Woot! :)

I now need to get the loader parsing that out and saving each stories cat. And then I can hook up what the user has selected.

I've also go the time frame code in, and have cleaned up the site selection.

Here's a screen shot:
That's what it looks like when it comes up, with all sites and cats selected.

And that's with some of the sites and cats turned off. So for example, this will only show general, science, business, enterainment, and videos from, digg, and slashdot.

This works really well - the site/date restrictions are working (even though I may have some long term work on date vs vote vs submission), and the cat interface is there. And all the interface is there - still have cleanup, but I like how it works.

So I need to get the loader working - cats + better parsing + use the Digg API. Then some cleanup - and THEN I should be ready for beta.

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