Thursday, February 21, 2008

Big update

I've been off working on SP. The base code was old SP + Nozzl. After the dust settled, I started to add more functions for that site.

I've just put a new release of Nozzl up, with those new functions:

  • Users can now add other users as friends.
  • On the main page, you can select "Everyone" or "Friends". Friends will limit to whatever stories your friends have voted for (+ the time and sites selected as criteria). Also works for RSS.
  • On the users page, you can now view what story the user voted for, what comments they made, and who their friends are. You can also add and remove friendship with someone on their main page.
  • The Last 10 Comments and Votes will now always show up (was using a cache... but when something caused the cache to reset, it would blank out. Now when that happens, I re-load the cache from the DB).
I continue to use the site daily, as a few others are doing. Still need to get more users... but hard to get coverage :)

I'm pretty happy with the site - SP is in the middle of getting groups, which I may pull in when done. I also need to polish user setup up a bit - like adding defaults for initial criteria.