Thursday, May 15, 2008


We loaded our 100,000th story today. That is, we have loaded 100k stories from our pre-load sites (Digg, Mixx, Reddit, Del.icio,us, et al).

Of those 100k stories, we've had 11,230 that have made the front page - so 11% of the stories from the front page of OTHER sites, our users considered to be worthwhile.

The addition of Mixx has added a lot in the last week - we are considering going to just the "top" feed instead of each sub-feed.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Nozzl has added Mixx as a site it feeds off of. This is the first time we've added a site this year - and we've only added once since we started Nozzling (StumbleUpon, last December).

There are a LOT of social news sites out there. We ONLY want to include the best, and ones with the widest range of stories we can get. Most of those news sites are just clones of the others, have the same stories, have a ton of spam, etc. We've been watching Mixx for a while now - the quaility and range of stories is great, and they've got a big enough community now to be able to act as a great pre-filter for Nozzl. And with the annoucment that CNN is adding a Mixx button, we anticipate it'll only get better.

Mixx will act like any of our other pre-filter sites - their top stories will be woven into all the others, and you can just see what's top on Mixx by clicking on their icon at the top of the Nozzl page.