Saturday, October 6, 2007


Ah, 5 AM Saturday morning, and I'm just wrapping up. Another fun one :)

Day job got very busy this week, so haven't had a chance to work on nozzl until late last night, after getting home from dinner.

Got a LOT done. More clean up (mostly on the load)... AND I have the wiki working!

As stories make the front page (configurable threshold), I auto-send the info to the wiki. The Title, original URL, and description.

Any stories that have a wiki entry now show a link next to the story info. Anyone can edit the wiki info. My hope is that for important stories, people will go edit and add real info. This could become a fairly useful source of information, over time.

I'm using screwturn wiki, which I've used before. Very nice, GNU, all in .NET 2.0/C#. Had to do some SLIGHT modifications to the code base. The actual story insert happens direct to the DB, so it's very quick.

We'll see what happens - this may end up being something people don't use much. But if it gets used, with REAL info, and if the top stories over the long term build up a bunch of info, then the wiki itself could become a great history of what happened.

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