Monday, October 1, 2007


Added Newsvine - looks like fairly good social news site. A lot of the smaller sites seem to be mostly spam, so I'm trying to be careful what I add. Still looking for a couple of more - but that's it, as the "All" page will slide more than I want.

Did a bunch more cleanup, on both the web site and the Loader. The Loader is URLEncoding title and description now, which is a must-have. Old stories will still show ????, but new ones should work fine now.

I am getting the Author name and URL for Newsvine. I am NOT bypassing the main link (I actually wrote the code for the loader to get the real url, but pulled it). And I am now getting the real URL on Reddit.

I'm trying to be careful to not annoy the sites I'm feeding off of. I REALLY hope they won't be, as THEY are just feeding off of other sites. And I'm giving them full credit (by linking back), and not changing what they have (kinda acting like Google news). The deal on reddit is they are not providing anything on the link but the forward - so I'm just getting the real link, and using that.

Both Propeller and Newsvine actually return something on the internal URL... so I am not bypassing them. Now. Will see how that goes. I also have code that will get the real link for Propeller, so can switch both if need be.

Also added duggmirror and google cache on all links that are likely to have them.

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