Sunday, October 21, 2007

More done

I've been VERY busy with the Day Job - had to go to a week long meeting, so very little time to work on Nozzl.

While I managed to get a nasty cold last week, I managed to get a few hours in today. Most of it was just working on CSS and the look and feel of the site. I"m somewhat happy with it:

Still got a ways to go, but it's a lot tighter now. And I think generally looks better.

As I've still got a small number of users, I needed a way to seed more votes on stories that are useful (as I want NEW people to find use on the site). This is NOT something I am planning on using when I have more users. But will be handy for now. It's a .NET Windows app that can list X hours of stories... and then I can view each story, and vote Y times for each one (using the base ID).

I could actually make a nice little app like this for users to use, I guess... have to think about that a bit.

Just did the deploy (almost midnight now, and my cough is doing down hill).

I've still got to flush out the user profile (Voting, friends, voted stories, commented stories). Then not sure what else, but continue to work on the look and feel.

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