Tuesday, October 30, 2007


A lot going on last weekend. Lots of little things (look and feel), and a couple of big ones:

Like-Minded is in. This will filter stories based on what other people like you voted for. So it matches you with people that had a high % of similar votes, and then only shows what those people voted for. As most people only like to hear what the believe, this should be nice :)

Story Preview is done. This allows a user to click a icon next to the main story name, and actually SEE the story. I'm not exactly sure why other sites aren't doing this... One of my users is new to social news. He asked me why, after he clicked on a link to a story, there wasn't a vote button available? I personally automatically open stories in new windows on tabs. And I don't want to automatically open a new window on Nozzl. Or frame it, like Propeller does.

I've been thinking about improving story viewing and voting for a while, and came up with a preview. This isn't a thumb nail preview like a lot of sites do - it's a in-window modal popup that has the story info at the top (where the user can VOTE), and then the actual story, fully readable, below.

I think this has a really large potential - it should make it much easier to read and then vote for stories. And it's slick :)

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