Wednesday, December 5, 2007


While I'm not DONE, I may be "done" for the version.

Users can tip other users now, and the auto-cash system is in place. It runs every few hours and figures out who's done what since the last process time, and awards cash.

I've still got some things to do (the POST issue, allow users to configure defaults, and a few other things) but the site is very usable.

I'm going to put together a FAQ with some screen shots - try to show what's different between Nozzl and other news sites.

I think that list is:

  • Users don't submit news; we feed off the top stories from top social news sites.
  • On-page preview of stories
  • Direct link to story mirror (either Google Cache or Dugg mirror)
  • Nozzl Cash/Tipping system
  • Wiki
  • Submit Nozzl stories to other sites (not exactly new, but you can't submit a Digg story to Reddit, from Digg).
And, of course, even with the limited number of users we have now, I think the site can be BETTER than others. Less crap on the front page. Wider range of stories (because of how we feed off of other sites).

Once I get some screen shots and info together, I'll submit it around a bit and see what happens. Probably do TechCrunch first (great site, but wouldn't be the mass influx of some of the bigger news sites). My big fear here is not getting a nice swell of users - going to be hard to attract attention. Or getting too many :)

While I'll continue to work on the site, until I get a user base, I'll probably work on other things (and the things I DO work on will be more trying to get the user base then coding). I am planning working on some other projects (putting voting up for SR, and working on a Android version of AE)

On another note, I've been having memory issues on the server - I'm looking at going from 2GB to 4 or 8 GB. Should help.

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