Friday, November 30, 2007

Nozzl Cash

I've got the basis for Nozzl Cash in. Users earn NC by voting for stories, adding comments, and voting on comments. Users can also give other users cash ("Tip" them). And by using Tips.

Users can use cash to vote up a story. It's a sliding scale - the more a user "Tips" a story, the less actual votes they will get out of it. Which is perfect, as users CAN slant a story they want, but the more they want to do so, the more pain it will cost, in the form of decreased cash.

Also something else big here - the ONLY way to do a negative vote on a story is by using a Tip. So if something is really bad, there's now a way to decrease a stories votes.

Next to each story, the user can click the Tip graphic
A pop-up will let them do the tip (got some cleanup here still)

The main screen shows the users with the top cash

And the users profile will show how much they have

I'll probably also put a top tipper/top tipped for the day/week/month/year on. Also need to be able to allow users to tip other users (and tip on commenting and comment voting - which is 2nd priority right now).

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