Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Spent some time this weekend working on the whole LinkButton thing.

asp:LinkButton is pretty cool. It looks like a hyperlink, but when you get the click, you get a POST - so you get all the form data. Nifty, easy to use, lets you do some cool things - so I used it. :(

The problem is it IS a POST back. So you get various results on BACK - and often a "page has expired" when trying to go back to the last page. And if you've clicked through a bit, you may get several.

100% not usable, at least not for what I'm doing.

So the whole thing was a bit of a trap - oh well.

It actually took a fair amount of time to rip all of that out. I've got EVERYHING on standard a href's now, except the pager, which I will finish up later (maybe this weekend? - Got Jury duty all week, so prob won't have a lot of time).

I'm not going to deploy until the pager is done, as I will need to re-test a lot to make sure everything is a-ok. The site actually LOOKS the same to users, but all the main links are now handled different.

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