Sunday, August 19, 2007

Start of Project

So I've been thinking about this for a while now. I use a few really good social news site, like digg, slashdot, reddit,, etc. But it's kind of a pain to be going back and forth on each site all day long.

So why not aggregate them? A few have done this (just a straight merge of their RSS)... but why not go a step farther, and add a social element on top of this meta site?

That is, as each site posts new news, load that and suck it into the meta site. Those new stories would then be the front page of that site, and people could vote and comment on each story. Each story would start with 1 vote.

Then there could be a top (and top in X time frame, etc). Users couldn't submit directly to the meta site - the news item would need to at least make the popular/front page of the sub-sites to even show up on the meta site.

Anyway, going to poke around a bit and see what sites really give enough of a feed to do all of this...

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